Get to know through my offer Fujara, a Slovak folk woodwind instrument that is analogy to a Gothic bass three-hole whistle, well known and largely widespread in Europe in the 12th-13th century. According to Slovak experts in the area of history of this unique instrument, the place of formation fujara is localized to area north from Banská Bystrica, concretely to surroundings of Slovenská Ľupča, where the three-hole bass whistle appeared during the Turkish war. Fujara and Fujara music were included by UNESCO in November 2005 in the list of the World Verbal and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Unique and nothing inimitable sound of this queen folk instruments, since rememberance, accompanied simple human as a means of meditation and at the same time expressing his inner feelings. Even though the fujara was born in the hands of shepherds,  its exceptionalness predetermines her to showcase her beautiful voice in any musical genre and to continue to approach people and caress their souls. At a blow on these sites get a blow the closer the Slovak spirit, not only through our unique melancholic fujara, but also through the distinctive whistles, playing sticks, whether fujara trombita,  which served as a means of communication of its time. I also offer you to get acquainted with „fujarido“ as the penetration of two cultures and through the instructional video get basic recommendations and advices on how to take care of musical instruments that I offer.