Hundreds of years tradition, unique and original sound and the opportunity to take it all wherever you go.


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If you want to arrange events and present your guests the original Slovak tradition associated with the representation of the production of fujara, interesting information, as well as demonstrations of playing on fujara, gem our folk culture, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence.

People ask me very often how did I find my way to fujara and why I chose to produce, as my life mission. I always reply with the same answer, I didn’t chose fujara it was the other way round. Fujara chose me. I made my first fujara in 1990 and I remember that moment with a smile on my face because I was very happy for every single time this fujara brought out. Many days, months even years has passed by since then and I have stayed loyal to fujara. At the end since 2003, It became not even my hobby but also my life profession. During the years I developed skills and gained experience. I have to mention that during the long years I met loads of special professionals who stayed near me on my way. It wasn’t always easy way. I got loads of advices but also criticism from the people I looked up to. All the obstacles from the beginning and the occasional misunderstanding, all these things , in connection with my stubborness to go further towards fujara with excellent sound and shape, brought me here. Brought me to the meadow near the village in the west Slovakia callled Dolné Trhovište. I don´t play there my first fujara which I made myself in 1990 but I play the fujara number 1500 because the other 999 are used by people from all over the world. The range of people is from famous musicians, folklore groups as well as celebrities to the people like me. Those whom fujara secceded in charming.

Contact address

  •  Dolné Trhovište 17, 920 61 okr. Hlohovec, Slovakia
  •  (+421)-911-226-999