Fujara with untreated surface made out of 2 or 3 parts

If you want to beatify your fujara by yourself as you wish, in that case you can choose fujara with untreated surface but of course perfectly machined instrument with the tune as you wish. You can become a co-creator of a unique product and be proud of your own creativness and skillfulness.
When you are done with your work, I can adjust your instrument in terms of the tune if you wish to.
I can also help you to get through the basic techniques of decoration of the instrument, of course if you are interested in it.

Tune E • 100 cm • 135,00 €                   Tune H • 140 cm • 220,00 €
Tune D • 115 cm • 145,00 €                    Tune A • 150 cm • 300,00 €
Tune C • 130 cm • 180,00 €                   Tune G • 170 cm • 330,00 €


Fujara trombita is another musical instrument which belongs among Slovak classic musical instruments with a specific sound.
In the past shepherds also used its distinctive sound as a type of communication.

Tune G • 160 cm • 195,00 €